Shalva Julakidze

PhD in Economics, Associate professor at International Black Sea University


The modern step of evolution of administrative activities is characterized the growing trend of growing group

decision-making. A group does have an opportunity to process more information, correct each other’s mistakes,

use one another’s habits, knowledge and competences. However, this does not mean that the more we make group

decisions the better. Nevertheless, it’s better if we don’t use this method if it is not necessary. The necessity is

determined by how sudden and unexpected is the situation, whether or not is the information enough to make

a right decision. Make a decision with a group does have it’s disadvantages. One of those is considered to be the

phenomenal of “group thinking”, Among the many ways to overcome this, we consider the most important to be

the provision of diversity of members of the decision-making group and the encouragement of organizational

learning, which will help to develop different ideas, will grow the wish of group members to lead the environment

they work in.

Keywords: leading decision, group thinking, effectiveness of the meeting, organizational learning, choosing stuff


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The New Economist N 1 (2024), Vol. 19, Issue 1

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