Tinatin Medzmariashvili

PHD Degree in Business Administration, Georgian National University SEU Invited Lecturer


The modern era is characterized by a rapid pace of change. Therefore, it is important for all types of organizations not only to respond to changes, but also to anticipate them. At this time, strategic management acts as the main tool, which involves the development and implementation of plans that help the organization achieve its desired goals and objectives. This process includes both strategy formulation and organizational structure and resource allocation planning, as well as change initiatives and resource control. For operational activities, any enterprise needs raw materials, related products, and various types of services provided by other organizations. At the same time, business constantly needs to develop, acquire the necessary goods/services at lower costs and of higher quality. Therefore, special importance is attached to strategic management when making purchases.

Keywords: Strategic management, Procurement, Procurement management, Procurement plan


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The New Economist N 1 (2024), Vol. 19, Issue 1

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