The importance of quality management and its impact on the organization's reputation

Madona Kantidze

PhD student in Business Technologies of Technical University of Georgia


The purpose of the study is to investigate how important quality management control is and whether it affects the reputation of the organization. The research presented in the article is based on various studies and scientific literature. The quality assessment methods, types, measures of customer satisfaction level and the main characteristics that are important for improving the reputation of the organization are discussed. The reviewed studies and literature have clearly shown that the quality of service has a direct impact on the reputation of the organization. Improving product or service quality management approaches and tools helps companies to increase their competitiveness. Constant care to meet customer needs has a positive impact on the company's reputation. The company's existing customers play a big role in attracting new customers, and for this the good reputation of the organization is a decisive factor.Quality control approaches to product manufacturing, whether they serve to produce with fewer defects, efficient delivery, or more, have a major impact on a company's ultimate success. Often, it is precisely in this respect that successful companies become market leaders.Those organizations that constantly monitor the management of service or product quality have a better reputation than others.

Keywords: quality, reputation, service, customer, loyalty.



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The New Economist N 1 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 1

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