Regional agrarian strategy - the basis of inclusive development of the region

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Paata Koguashvili

Professor of Georgian Technical University

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Ina Maisuradze

Ph.D. Doctoral Student of Georgian Technical University


The article examines the current conditions for the transformation of the economy and notes that the role of territorial factors in the development of the national economy, because of the imbalance of the regional development of the country, is increasing. The basis for developing a scientific concept of regional development is to achieve an unambiguous definition of the categories „region“ and „regional economy“. While maintaining the regulatory role of the state in the agricultural sector, even in a market economy, it is possible to maintain and increase the level of competition, and effectively ensure property rights and freedom of choice. In the conditions of a developed market economy, the state, with the help of various economic and financial instruments, provides constant and stable support to agriculture by redistributing income from more efficient to less efficient sectors of the economy.

The revival and dynamic development of the country's economy are possible when it is based on highly productive agriculture. Only in this case, the agricultural sector can play the role of a multiplier of socio-economic development both at the level of the whole country and its regions.

Keywords: Agrarian sector, region, regional economy, agriculture, economy.



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The New Economist N 1 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 1

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