New Visions and Approaches for the Development of the Georgian Economy

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Lali Okrotsvaridze

Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Caucasus International University


In 1991, when Georgia declared its independence and moved from one formation (socialism), from the centralized planning of the national economy, to another formation, capitalist (market) relations, It has become necessary to integrate our national economy into the world economy. Thus our national economy found itself facing some dilemma as we moved from one governance, to another  different governance, unknown  market relations. We took the first steps in this direction, but in December 1991, illegal groups in the state organized it in an illegal way, the overthrow of the legitimately elected government and the wrong policies pursued by them have led the country to a difficult economic situation.

The question arises, what is needed to solve the problems before us?

For this, it is necessary to strengthen the interdependencies of the economies of different countries of the modern world economy, to develop integration processes at the macro and micro levels, from closed farms, to the intensive transition to an open economy and the development of the necessary domestic economy.

Keywords: Integrating the economy, internationalization of personnel, legal framework, targeted programs, investment conditions, land consolidation, national economy.



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The New Economist N 1 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 1

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