Salome Akhvlediani

PhD Student in Business Administration; Tbilisi State University Invited Lecturer at Business and Technology University


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Peer review method: Double-Blind

Accepted: September 99, 2023

Published: September 29, 2023

Original scientific article

DOI suffix: 10.36962/NEC18032023-57

The article discusses modern approaches and challenges of managerial accounting. In the conditions of the market economy, modern global approaches to managerial accounting of operational processes play a special role in the process of perfect functioning of the company. Today, when overcoming the financial crisis is an urgent problem, it is necessary to form a management accounting system adapted to the strategy.

The relevance of the study of managerial accounting issues is also indicated by the fact that in the conditions of growing competition, it is necessary to develop certain standards and management methods.

In the process of strategic decisions, such as the expansion of the company, the development of policies to improve the financial situation and sustainability, it is impossible to achieve without having a perfect management accounting system.

Using management accounting techniques, it is possible to reduce costs, increase revenues, improve operational management and control of the organization. It provides an objective view of organizational performance and helps companies make effective decisions based on accurate information.

Keywords: managerial accounting, effective management, modern approaches to managerial accounting.



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The New Economist N 3 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 3

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