Information Technologies and Entropy in Socio-Economic Monitoring

Mikheil Robakidze

Doctoral student at Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Business Technologies

Makvala Robakidze

Doctoral student at Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Business Technologies


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Peer review method: Double-Blind

Accepted: May 11, 2023

Published: June 12, 2023

Original scientific article

DOI suffix: 10.36962/NEC18022023-45

The paper discusses the importance of information provision in the management of modern economic processes. Information in the conditions of globalization is an expensive commodity that can have a significant impact on the activity of an economic entity. The author focuses on discussing the properties of information and its ability to reduce entropy in a system. Finding, storing, processing and distributing information in the age of the Internet radically changes the principles of the organization's work, accelerates decision-making mechanisms and helps to take result-oriented steps. The process of information formation is endless, because the reduction of indeterminacy in one or another field of knowledge creates new problems and, accordingly, new indeterminacy. Economic information reflects economic processes and objective relationships between production factors and outcomes. According to functional signs, economic information is planned, accounting and regulatory. The properties of any information, including economic information, are: reliability, sufficiency, relevance, availability, effectiveness, value, dispersion and obsolescence. The creation of modern information technologies has changed the branches of the economy, the list of relevant and in-demand professions. Programmer, developer, network administrator, web designer and others are replacing many traditional professions, and the development of artificial intelligence can completely replace people in many positions.

Keywords: Information, information technologies, information provision, economy and management, entropy, socio-economic monitoring.



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The New Economist N 2 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 2

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