For the definition of the essence of economic policy

Vasil Khizanishvili

Doctor of Social Sciences in Economics, Invited Professor of Telavi State University


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Peer review method: Double-Blind

Accepted: May 2, 2023

Published: May 20, 2023

Original scientific article

DOI suffix: 10.36962/NEC18022023-21

To understand the essence of economic policy, it is important to get to know its theoretical aspect better, since the structure of economic policy is a complex and multifaceted form. It covers a wide spectrum of economic relations and focuses on economic decision-making processes. The vector of implementation of the practical side of economic policy is largely determined by decisions based on the conclusions of economic policy theory, which ultimately ensures its success.

Keywords: Economic policy; general economic policy; specific economic policy; basic methods of control; practical economic policy, theory of economic policy.



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The New Economist N 2 (2023), Vol 18, Issue 2

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