Competition in the fuel market myth or reality

Lasha Mgeladze

PhD in economics, Assistant-Professor Technical University of Georgia ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4608-7255


DOI suffix: 10.36962/NEC17022022-23

The paper concerns the current situation in the Georgian fuel market. The situation in the relevant market over the last ten years has been analyzed. Studies and Monitoring documents and studies conducted by relevant market regulatory bodies are reviewed. The trends are highlighted,what results can be brought by the actions taken in the direction of establishing a competitive environment; The steps taken by the state institutions are outlined and evaluated in relation to increasing the effectiveness of competitive conditions in the relevant market; Conclusions and recommendations have been formed as a result of processing the obtained information, the analysis of the researches carried out by the state institutions regarding the market and the mutual summation of the identifies trends; How coordinated the state apparatus is in the direction of improving the competitive environment; How effective are the steps taken, how precisely the conducted studies reflect the reality; and recommendations are offered, both, specifically in the direction of improving competition in the fuel market, as well as institutional or functional improvement of competitive environment.

In order to make the perception of the situation more clearly visible, the market of the state procurement of fuel is reviewed and analyzed in relation to the general picture obtained.

Finally, the conclusion, together with the recommendations, states that the competition on the fuel market is more of a myth than a reality, as a number of issues are still unclear and need to be clarified.

Keywords: Competition in the fuel market myth or reality



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The New Economist N2-4, (2022), Vol 17, Issue 2

Published Date: