Homo Economicus as a Result of Neoliberal World and Production of Subjectivism

Keteven Chiabrishvili ქეთევან ჭიაბრიშვილი

Associated Professor of David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy

Bakar Bunturi / ბაქარ ბუნტური

National Training Center “Krtsanisi”; Lieutenant.


In the history of mankind, economic relations based on production and exchange, have become the main reason of aspiration to comfort and welfare. That served as a main reason for humankind to search and develop new ideas and new ways to achieve the precious goals, for thousands of years. The goals achieved, guaranteed the comfort and welfare that it strived for. But egocentric character of a homo sapiens – raises a question, despite the healthy and logical meaning of process of achieving a goal – “How moral and settled is this kind of economic conduct of human beings, on their ways to achieve the goals?”

Keywords: economic human being; reasonable needs; moral economics; humanization of economics; economic conduct


The New Economist N 1-2 (2019), Vol 14, Issue 1.

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